June 1, 2008

Thongue Puller


Earth Eater

I was possibly a bit influenced by a goth girl sitting across from me on the train :)


Theiy're not all like this, I know


Love is not always that way, but often one is the taker, the other the giver.

Man with pushchair

A man with a child and a baby buggy waiting for a train in Brussels Central

May 27, 2008

Lou Reed & a plane crash

Oh yeah, come on, call me a mythomaniac if you like, but yesterday, I swear I saw Lou Reed on the train platform in Liège while I was rushing by on the Thalys train. He was at the end of the platform- probably to avoid being molested. I know he's around here with Laurie Anderson. She gave a concert in Aachen last week, but I preferred to go and see my friends, the infamous Nazi Dogs (they're not nazis, just one of the finest punkrock acts around and our rehearsal room neighbours). But damn, I wished I could have jumped off the train. I'm usually not a fan type but Lou Reed always seemed like a nice person to meet.

Anyway that was only the journey there. On the return, from the trian window, I first saw an empty police van that was strangely positioned, then the cops who were all unbelievingly staring in the same direction. The some guys with brown and grey suits who seemed to walk aimlessly in a field- large sunglasses typical FBI or CIA type, at least in movies. Then spectators, journalists, a sports event? And finally this:


Yeah and this time, I've even got some fotos to underline that I'm not a complete mythomaniac.

Obviously, due to an old runway that was 500m shorter than the usual runway, that US supply plane on its way to Arabia didn't get enough thrust and crashed, leaving two pilots traumatized but safe. What a mess, but at the same time what strange beauty, especially in the evening light.

May 26, 2008

Hodie Venus

I started this picture two weeks ago on the train, but she would no hold still although she was trying to get some sleep. I finished the job two weeks later.


I kind old man who lives at the nursing home where my mother resides. He has Alzheimer.

Rolling Bridge

I believe this is a rolling bridge. There are quite many of these in the train station in Liège.


The aeration of an asian restaurant in Aachen

Thalys Seats

A view from my seat on the Thalys train to Brussels.

May 18, 2008


Drawn on the train to bussels and back.
The band's name is TSF. Can you guess why?


Did this one yesternight while watching some cheezy thrillers.

Who wants to look at a drummer? ;)

May 17, 2008


A capital L, A and W are pursuited by a capital F who wants to join their posse.
Luckily, a friendly clique of punchholed stars help them keep the unruly letter at safe distance.

May 16, 2008

Dollar Slave

Actually the first of yesterday's "T&L sessions". I wasn't sure about posting this one, but it's just pure brainstorming and isn't meant to express any opinions about nothing or anything so please don't judge me ;)

Hauptmann Viktor von Totenstein

Don't ask...

Still, the "Thelma & Louise sessions" :)

Angels dance

Crazy brainstorming pictures I drew yesterday while watching "Thelma & Louise".

Happy Roboto

"Great Crack", of course, is the irish-english meaning of "good fun"

May 12, 2008

Place Rouppe, nighttrain

Place Rouppe in Brussels

A view out of the nighttrain